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    Release 0.1.000

    New Update! Release 0.1.000 is here and with it comes hero battles.. Additionally, with this update the server has been reset, so you can compete for first place again from today.. This version also brings a reward for all players, […]

  • Diario de desarrollo

    Chapter #5_ Jewelry SpeedSculpt

    Empire Race Jewelry SpeedSculpt Today we bring you a video that I have recorded of the speedSculpt of a building, in this case it is from the empire jewelry store. The program I use is 3ds Max, and I always […]

  • Diario de desarrollo

    Chapter #4_ Buildings

    Process of developing a building from its conception to its execution Hello! I’m Jota, from the Hunters team, and in this chapter of the development diary I’m going to tell you, through an example, how we carried out the process […]

  • Diario de desarrollo

    Chapter #3_UI & UX DESIGN

    Interface and user experience design at White Spell Hello adventurers! I am Diego Román, Lead 2D artist & UI designer. In this chapter I am going to tell you what the development process of the White Spell interface has been […]

  • Diario de desarrollo

    Chapter #2_The background of a city

    Step by step for creating a city background Hello everyone, players! Here Alfonso Berroya, the art director of this adventure. If you have had the opportunity to test the game or if you have come this far as fans of […]

  • Diario de desarrollo

    Chapter #1_Beginnings of a Startup

    Welcome to the White Spell Developer Diary Hello adventurers, those who are going to die greet you. <<nervous laugh>> As popular wisdom points out, all beginnings are hard, and White Spell’s have been no exception. Proof of this are the […]