Chapter #1_Beginnings of a Startup

Chapter #1_Beginnings of a Startup

Welcome to the White Spell Developer Diary

Hello adventurers, those who are going to die greet you. <<nervous laugh>>

As popular wisdom points out, all beginnings are hard, and White Spell’s have been no exception. Proof of this are the wads of papers scattered on the team tables and the dark circles under their eyes worn with pride. Therefore, in this section we will try to share with you some of the problems we have encountered and what their solutions have been.

We will show you first-hand the development process from idea conception and line art decisions, to programming challenges and problems. You may even suffer the torment of this editor’s dubious sense of humor.

Without further delay…

Introducing White Spell

Every good Indie company worth its salt has had two main problems since its conception.

(Attention! Definitive Startup creation tutorial).

The first is to come up with a good business idea, something that attracts investors and users alike, something groundbreaking, innovative, ambitious and simple.

The second is to find financing.

(Done! You already know how to create your own Startup, in the next chapter we will teach you how to splash to stay afloat in a sea of sharks).

With these two simple goals in mind, we came up with White Spell. An MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) that combines RPG (adventure game) and RTS (management game) styles. And since a picture is worth a thousand words…

Boceto Ciudad Imperio

Empire City Sketch

Pantalla combate héroes

Heroes combat screen

If an image of each style of play is enough for you, in multimedia you can find developments, illustrations of the beasts, characters and interfaces!)

Our intention, with this fusion of styles, is to offer the player different leisure alternatives.
That regardless of your gaming profile, you find affinity with White Spell, and that you never find yourself idle due to imposition, only out of satisfaction..



The White Spell team.

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