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The game

13 centuries have passed since the great collapse, the world has become a peaceful place where commerce and culture bloom.

But the tears of the goddess shine once again, arcane forces travel the world waking up ancient slept powers.

The machines of war are running once again and the heroes go over the world.

How will the history remember you?

The builder

– Personalize your city with more than 15 different building tipes.

– Collect and manage the resources of your environment.

– Balance the balance of your treasury accounts.

– Establish prosperous trade routes.

– Invest in research and make amazing technological discoveries.

The general

– Train your troops and arrange them for battle.

– Create the best combat tactics and face powerful armies.

– Forge alliances and expand your empire.

– Take control of your allies’ army and relocate them during combat.

The adventurer

– Travel a vast world with many different scenarios and improve your skills.

– Earn experience fighting against incredible beasts and get the rewards of their fallen bodies.

– Use your growing treasure to improve your weapons and armor.

– Complete missions and get special rewards.

– You can choose between different professions and become a renowned craftsman

The collector

– Discover how to subjugate all WS beasts and use them in combat against your enemies

– Unravel the mysteries and be the first to discover the hidden secrets of White Spell, unique rewards await you.