Chapter #5_ Jewelry SpeedSculpt

Chapter #5_ Jewelry SpeedSculpt

Nov 30 Jota  

Empire Race Jewelry SpeedSculpt

Today we bring you a video that I have recorded of the speedSculpt of a building, in this case it is from the empire jewelry store. The program I use is 3ds Max, and I always start by establishing the most basic shapes to create a block that will give us the silhouette that interests us. Once we are satisfied with this, I gradually introduce detail and add elements that increasingly define our model.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

If you want to see more 2D developments and concept art, don’t hesitate to go to the multimedia gallery!

Acerca de Jota

Amo el arte, es mi pasión y mi trabajo. Actualmente trabajo en el desarrollo del videojuego White Spell como artista 2D / 3D.

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