Launch of the White Spell BETA HTML5: April 2019

Launch of the White Spell BETA HTML5: April 2019

Apr 01 unai urrutia  

White Spell is now closer to its launch to the market, but before that, we are going to open an open beta period for the game version in HTML5. Moreover, the ones that don´t know the game will be able to try it before its launch.

As a lot of you already know, until just recently the only operative version of White Spell was in Flash, so after a lot work an effort from the team of Hunters of Magic for over a year, we have already finished the transition from Flash to HTML5

In this first version we will be able to play with the Empire, one of the 8 different civilizations of the world of Eloryan, with which the players will be able to create and develop their own cities in the RTS mode, while in the RPG mode they will be able to go hunting for beasts and get different jobs. Only the best and most skilled will be able to triumph over the others and engrave their name in history.

This April, (final date not confirmed), the beta will be open to players on the official website of White Spell so that the players can start playing

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