Races of White Spell – Discover which race suits better your game

Races of White Spell – Discover which race suits better your game

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In White Spell the world of Eloryan is divided by 8 different races, find out about their distinctive characteristics before conquering the continent.

With which race do you identify yourself more? Which race would you like for us to develop first?



This is the last stronghold of the humans, after their expansion and the colonial fall. Now they try to fix their past mistakes with a new code of honour, the Boshu.

The humans are a race with high adaptation capacity, which gives them great strength in terms of survivability. They have achieved perfect balance between the social, technological, magical and military development.



When they are born, the druids link their life with a tree, as long as nobody harms their forests they are reserved and peaceful. Their objective is to protect the las World Tree.

Being the race that is closest to the nature druids have a high number of unknown powers for those with lower affinity to the elements. Moreover they have a really strong bond with the beasts of Eloryan, which come when they are called.



Originally designed to be weapons by one of the extinct first races. The polymorphics have learnt how to produce themselves with Cloning Tanks.

They are not trusted among the other races because of their power to change their shape as they see fit, which helps them infiltrate any group or organization. Moreover, they can transform extremities into dangerous claws in a matter of seconds. It can cost oyu a lot not to take them seriously.



Once slaves for not being able to use any kind of magic. With the first Great Investigator they broke free of the chains changing parts of their bodies with machines.

This “cyborgs” deals with their lack of magical power with their technology, and this is the secret of their always-growing strength.



The entities are beings of energy that need to attach their spirit to a container in order to exist, usually this container is an enhanced armour. They are ancient relics that are worshiped by some cults.

Whithout doubt this is the most mysterious race of them all. Where do they come from? Why do they appear and disappear from history without leaving any trace? What we know for sure is that their magical knowledge can not be compared to the knowledge of any other race.


Lower world-

is Little what we know of this strange creatures. It is common believe that they were born from the mutation caused by the explosion of an ancient necromancer laboratory.

This creatures in between rational and irrational beings live in the lower world and rarely are seen outside of their territory. We know very little about what do they hide in their civilization and the habits they have.


Everlasting kings-

This burning sands hide more than just big creatures. The abilities of this Pharaohs to return from the dead far surpasses the simple vampirism.

Once venerated as gods, the everlasting kings is one of the oldest and most powerful races in the world.



The vampires are the dominant race of the dark lands, but their power is reserved for the wealthy nobles and the kings

The vampires, ancient like the time, are a race that puts the status quo before anything. If you want power you will have to improve your position in society.


This 8 civilizations have maintained peace for the past 13 centuries after the great collapse, but arcaic forces travel the world waking up ancient sleeping powers. How log will this peace last?

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